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Specializing in the riveting and fastening industry for over a decade, SWOER is a trusted name in automated fastening solutions.

The SWOER automatic riveting machine, designed by DG SWOER CO., LTD, revolutionized the riveting process by automatically handling rivets. Leveraging this technology can save your company’s labor costs by more than 30%.

Distinguishing itself from standard automatic rivet guns, the SWOER machine offers a fully automated solution. Gone are the days of manually loading rivets or controlling the nozzle’s position; our machine handles it all. Using compressed air, it effortlessly transports rivets to the nozzle through a pipeline. With the SWOER automatic rivet machine, manual rivet pulling becomes a thing of the past, ushering in a new era of automation in the fastening industry.

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Riveting Machine Product Composition

SWOER automatic riveting machine is composed of a host machine and a riveting machine gun assembly.

automatic rivet machine

The host computer includes machine motion system, machine control system, and detection system.

The function of the machine motion system is to organize the rivets from being arranged in a disorderly manner to being separated in sequence and to deliver the rivets to the rivet gun nozzle one by one in a certain direction; the machine control system is to control the set actions of each component of the machine. Operation; the detection system is to detect whether the machine is running stably according to the set program.

Automatic nail pulling machine factory line

The rivet gun assembly is composed of a rivet gun, a rivet receiving mechanism, and a signal collection and output mechanism.

The rivet gun is crucial for riveting, whether manual or automated. Controlled by the host computer, the rivet receiving mechanism loads rivets from the pipeline into the rivet nozzle, a core technology of the automatic rivet machine. Additionally, the signal collection and output mechanism starts machine operation by collecting and outputting signals.

Auto Riveting Machine Specifications



VoltageWorking Air PressureWeightNail Supply Speed (grain/min)Maximum Nail SpecificationNoise (dB)

Note: The specific model should be determined according to the actual rivet specifications. This table is only for reference.

SWOER Riveting Machine Working Principle and Function


The rivets are sucked into the nozzle of the rivet gun by relying on the negative pressure in the nozzle of the rivet gun; the SWOER automatic rivet machine is an automated version of the automatic rivet gun.

It relies on a machine to automatically arrange and separate the rivets and uses compressed air as power to automatically transport the rivets to the nozzle of the rivet gun through pipes.


With the SWOER automatic nail-pulling machine, arduous tasks that rely heavily on skilled workers’ hands can be made

Manual nail-pulling operations can be upgraded to automated or unmanned operations.


  1. Save workers and make management easier

The nail-pulling speed is fast, one person can do the job of two people, and there are fewer workers, which reduces management costs or wages.

  1. High efficiency and cost saving

No need to take out the rivets by hand, saving time on nailing. The output is increased compared to the original, the daily output is completed ahead of schedule, and the production volume is reduced.No more overtime during short-term work hours.

  1. Super clean and good quality

The rivet is automatically sent to the nozzle of the gun, No need to take it by hand, reducing secondary pollution; hold the product with your left hand, No need to worry.The hole positions are uneven, resulting in reduced output or secondary rework.

  1. No need to take it by hand, easier

The left-hand does not need to work and can hold the product, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.

  1. No need to be experienced, easy to learn

It can be operated by both experienced and experienced hands, and no training is required. They can start working immediately; there is no need to worry about the loss of production by experienced hands.

Scope of Application of The Nail

Scope of Application of The Nail

Rivet Application Range (Unit: mm)

Name CodeMin SizeMax Size
Rivet tube diameter A2.44.8
Rivet tube length B215
Hat brim diameter C49.5
Pull core diameter D1.43
Pull core length E2436
Total length of rivet F2848


  1. The external dimensions of rivets must meet this range.
  2. Some special rivets: when the length of the riveting tube is greater than 13mm, the length of the core must be greater than 28mm; when the length of the riveting tube is equal to 17mm, the length of the core must be no less than 26mm.
  3. Rivet type requirements: Stainless steel rivets require low purity, while other rivets, such as iron nails and steel nails, have no requirements.

Application Field

SWOER automatic riveting machine is suitable for riveting operations of connecting two or more layers of panels of various materials and thicknesses through rivets. It is widely used in chassis, cabinets, lighting, automobiles, ships, aircraft, small household appliances, Nail pulling operations in servers, electric ovens, microwave ovens, liquor packaging, and other industries.

automatic riveting machine application field